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History of Bank Nusantara Parahyangan

Company Profile


A Brief History of The Company

PT Bank Nusantara Parahyangan Tbk (Bank BNP) is based in Bandung with its main office in Jalan Ir. Juanda No. 95, Bandung - 40132, Indonesia. Established by virtue of Notarial Deed No. 47, dated 18 January 1972 of Komar Andasasmita, S.H. Notary Public in Bandung.


Bank BNP was initially founded under the name of PT Bank Pasar Karya Parahyangan and it had a business orientation towards the retail industry and in July 1989 it has attained the status of a national commercial Bank with aim to widen its banking services and to target a bigger economical sector, and with this aim has changed its name into PT. Bank Nusantara Parahyangan.


Bank BNP has added the license as a Foreign Exchange Bank in Agustus 1994 in order to serve the diversity in transacetions and a widening trading access, particularly for foreign currency also export and import transactions for international trade.


Based on the resolution of the Extraordinary GSM on 15 September 2000, Bank BNP changed its status in the year 2000 from company to a public company by offering 50,000,000 common shares to the public at par value of IDR 500,- per share, accompanied by 20,000,000 warrants as listed in the Jakarta Stock Exchange on 10 January which lead to a total of 150,000,000 issued shares.


The paid-up capital of Bank BNP icreased in January 2004 as a result of 8,275,000 exercised warrants turning into common shares at par per value of IDR 500,- per share, which lead to a total of 158,275,000 issued shares.


To strenghten the capital structure of Bank BNP, the first Right Issue for Shareholders has been held in July 2006 of 158,274,000 shares at par value of IDR 550,- per share, which lead to a total of 316,550,000 shares issued.


On 17 December 2007, ACOM. CO., LTD. Japan (ACOM) and The Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (BTMU) became the majority shareholders of Bank BNP by acquiring 75,41% shares, in which ACOM owned 55.41% and BTMU 20% of all the issued shares and made both parties the Controlling Shareholders of Bank BNP. On 31 December 2011, the shares composition became 75,51% shares in which ACOM owned 60,31% and BTMU 15,20% of all the issued shares. The total shares issued by the Company are 416.513.158 shares with a nominal value of IDR 208.256.579.000,-